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Recipe in: Pork and Lamb

Roast Leg (or Shoulder) of Lamb on a Bed of Potatoes

Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes
     To get a good leg (or shoulder) of lamb a meat thermometer is invaluable.  If possible, get the kind that has a probe into the meat with the display staying outside the oven. That way you don't have to open the oven to check. The potatoes take on the wonderful flavor of the meat and cook down to a wonderful creaminess.   This serves 6.

Roast Leg (or Shoulder) of Lamb on a Bed of Potatoes Ingredients:



               Nutrition Information

Recipe serves 6 
          Entire Recipe / per serving

Calories:  5412 / 902
Total Carbohydrates:  
192 / 32
          Dietary Fiber: 28 / 4.5
Total Fat:  358 / 60
         Saturated Fat: 149 / 25
Cholesterol:  1302 / 217
Protein:  336 / 56
Calcium:  505 / 84
Sodium:   1927 / 321

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I try to be accurate, but I do not guarantee it.  I use 'grams' as the unit of weight; with an approximate conversion to ounces.

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