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The days are getting cooler. I'm willing to turn the oven on again. It's time to enjoy the wonderful fall vegetables like these Stuffed Bell Peppers.

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But if this is what you are looking for - here's the recipe:

Stuffed Peppers, Americas Style

Total time: 40 minutes
     I originally made these with Minute Rice, then, when I moved and could no longer get it, I switched to regular rice.  Quinoa makes it so much more interesting and adds a meatier texture to the finished peppers - thus it's 'Americas Style' for both North and South!

stuffed peppers Ingredients:



               Nutrition Information
Recipe serves 2 
Entire Recipe / per serving
Calories:   1244 / 622
Total Carbohydrates:   104 / 52
          Dietary Fiber:   22 / 11
Total Fat:   65 / 32.5
         Saturated Fat:   24 / 12
Cholesterol:   190 / 95
Protein:   69 / 34.5
Calcium:   920 / 460
Sodium:    1425 / 712.5

General Technical Details and Disclaimer:

Measurements are actual measurements used for calculation. If there are no values the nutritional numbers were simply too small.

I try to be accurate, but I do not guarantee it.  I use 'grams' as the unit of weight; with an approximate conversion to ounces.

My information comes from my own digital, computerized scale and the USDA Nutrient Data Library:



The fine print:

The recipes do NOT use processed foods, with the exception of The recipes DO use lots and lots of fresh, seasonal, and (we hope) local produce

Most recipes are designed for 2 servings, but are easily increased to 4... or 6.... or 8...
     Naturally, whether or not the serving size suits you depends on appetite, activity level, and all sorts of stuff we know nothing about.

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