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Recipe in: Vegetables

Lentils Provençal

Total time: 45 minutes
     I use the tiny, green lentils de Puy, but you can use the larger brown or tan lentils. Do not use the red ones, they get too mushy. With the shallots, garlic, olives and mustard it's reminiscent of long, slow lunches in Provence. 

Lentils Provençal Ingredients:



               Nutrition Information
Recipe serves 2  
Entire Recipe / per serving
Calories:   588 / 294
Total Carbohydrates:  76 / 38
          Dietary Fiber:   23 / 11.5
Total Fat:   16 / 8
         Saturated Fat:  2 /1
Cholesterol:   0 / 0
Protein:   36 / 18
Calcium:  125 / 62.5
Sodium:    1180 / 590

General Technical Details and Disclaimer:

Measurements are actual measurements used for calculation. If there are no values the nutritional numbers were simply too small.

I try to be accurate, but I do not guarantee it.  I use 'grams' as the unit of weight; with an approximate conversion to ounces.

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