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Recipe in: Breads, Desserts

Stone-Fruit Clafoutis

Total time: 60 minutes
     I made this with purple, green and yellow plums but you can use any fruit you like.  Traditionally the French use cherries - un-pitted.  Peaches and/or nectarines would be wonderful.... and even berries would work.  To pit stone fruit, make a cut, vertically, (through stem end) all around the pit and twist lightly.  If the fruit is 'freestone' the halves will come apart easily.  If they are 'clingstone' the halves will not budge and you'll have to cut wedges off the stone.  My purple plums were freestone, my green ones were not.

Stone-Fruit Clafoutis Ingredients:

slice clafoutis Instructions:

Note:  It's easier to put the baking dish on a baking tray before you pour the batter over.  It's easier to handle and if you spill it's on the tray! The center will just barely jiggle when it's done.


               Nutrition Information
Recipe serves 8 
Entire Recipe / per serving
Calories:  2562 / 320
Total Carbohydrates:  332 / 41.5
          Dietary Fiber: 23 / 3
Total Fat:  120 / 15
         Saturated Fat: 68 / 8.5
Cholesterol:  1088 / 136
Protein:  46 / 6
Calcium:  508 / 63.5
Sodium:   1027 / 128.5

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I try to be accurate, but I do not guarantee it.  I use 'grams' as the unit of weight; with an approximate conversion to ounces.

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